On the one hand, there are large, seasoned, globally competitive Norwegian companies that, working together, are financially and technically strong enough to deliver appropriate, needed solutions to many clients across the African continent. Amongst the most competitive industries for Norway where these companies are to be found are: aquaculture; agribusiness; extraction; clean & renewable energy; and human resource development industries. However, many of these companies are not at current willing to do business in Africa, due to the many perceived and actual risks present.

On the other hand, with reference to recent information from the African Development Bank:

  • 85% of the population in Africa is living in relatively stable countries;
  • 7 African countries have amongst the 10 fastest growing economies in the world;
  • Average incomes in Africa increased by about 30% over the10 years from 2005 to 2015.
  • Even though part of this growth was due to commodity prices, several of these high performers operate without oil or other mineral wealth: e.g. Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Willing Hands is therefore well positioned to be a pioneer “one-stop-center” for Norwegian solution providers to connect, interact and transact win-win with African solution seekers for supply chain development and management.

Why we do what we do

  • Pioneering the diffusion of appropriate Norwegian technology and finance solutions to scale into high impact potential target sectors, in an African marketplace that is fast emerging into the global arena.
  • Producing and processing locally available raw materials within Africa itself, to yieldthe optimum possible number of locally and globally marketable products.
  • Establishing the best possible profitable jobs in Africa, through sustainable supply chain development and management in high
    impact potential sectors.
  • Designing for as many hands as possible in value adding production.
  • Collaborating with local agencies for sustainable commercialization and growth.

Our core business or “reason for being

Spearheading profitable delivery of globally competitive Norwegian technology and finance solutions to bankable clients in Africa, with special attention to optimal job creation, using local resources and collaborating with local agents as partners.

The change we want to see

A fast growing integrated network of partner ethical extended enterprises across the African continent, acquiring and profitably using appropriate Norwegian technology and finance solutions, and contributing significantly to the international sustainable development goals and the Africa Vision 2063.