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Willing Hands teams implement the following core activities jointly with local partners and clients, for the systematic, profitable and sustainable transfer of skills, knowledge and other appropriate assets, into high potential geographic and sector clusters:

Strategic Activity


(or Assessment and Analysis), of local conditions,

opportunities, and project bankability (leading on to relevant Action: Designing; Building; Operating; & Transfering)

2 months

Can be reduced in instances where the required information is already available

2. DESIGNING the project, including adapting it to the Willing Hands concept

to optimize job creation outcomes

4 months

and establishing the project assets (i.e.: physical facilities; training people; installing information and communication system; organizing

institutional arrangements; and establishing enablers)

8 to 12 months

(i.e.: Incubating the start-up and growth of profitable primary production, processing, distribution and sale of products)

12 months


(i.e.: Continuous monitoring, evaluation and systemic

improvement of performance in operations, governance and effective, efficient, profitable and sustainable use of evolving technology, until fully owned by African partners and clients

12 to 36 months