Ari Magnus Mathiesen

CEO Willing Hands AS (Norway)

+ 47 9013 2494

Ari is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 companies. Of background he is educated in Business & Administration and holds a Master in Science. He has founded and owned the Noroff Group, one of the largest private school groups in Norway which incorporates High Schools, Technical Colleges and a University College in all the major cities of Norway. He is also the founder and owner of Webstudent International AS, an Edutech company leveraging capacity building in higher education with clients in Norway, UK, Europe, US and Africa. He has founded Key Ready Solutions AS that delivers steel buildings, fully furnished and with equipment for industry, education and hospitality. Finally he is cofounder of Willing Hands AS a company focusing on developing complete value chains within Aquaculture. He has acted as Marketing Manager, IT Consultant, Financial Manager, CEO and Chairman for several companies for more than 25 years. Ari heads up projects in Africa, Europe, Asia and America bringing along strong international partner consortia and beneficial financing for projects and business opportunities.




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Beate has been working as a project manager and coach since 2007 in both small and larger companies. Her main focus has been efficiency and improvement projects within a number of productions like food, oil/gas, boats, professional service, and different industrial products.
The projects have resulted in cost reductions, new «Best Practice processes. Focus on continues of improvement and å attitude change within the company.
Education: Coach – NLP Master, Interior designer IAL Electrical engineer.




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Benson is also a technical committee member of Kenya bureau of standards animal and fish feed committee. He also serves as a member in the Department of Fisheries in the ministry of agriculture set to review quality and prices of fish feeds in Kenya, also a member of a research committee on fish seed quality and best practices in aquaculture seed production in Kenya working together with the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute.
He is also the head and chair of the fish value chain in Nakuru County, trainer of trainers in concept and proposal development in the ASDSP project in Nakuru County.
Egerton University(Bachelor of science), Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Wageningen University

Hubert Mengi

Financial advisor

Over the past six years, I have been engaged by the World Bank Tanzania Country Office as Financial Management Consultant. These assignments involved the initial assessments of the financial management arrangement of the Government’s institutions that would be used to implement World Bank funded projects. The assignments also included the review of the financial management arrangements during implementation coupled with the reviews of the annual audited financial statements and agreeing on actioning points. These assignments have given me extensive exposure to the public sector. Prepared many business plans for clients that were successfully used to raise finance from finance from commercial banks or used to restructure existing credit facilities. Clients include the Arusha based Sky Group of Companies; Aishi Protea Hotel, Abla Hotel Apartments, Abla Office Complex, Shilela Academy, WAPO International Conference Center and Hotel; WAPO Academy, Keko Pharmaceutical; Haven of Peace Academy, Kamal Steel, Royal Plastics and three natural gas distribution studies undertaken with Kimphil Konsult Limited • QUALIFICATION : Certified Public Accountant of Kenya – CPA (K) Fellow- Certified Public Accountant (Tanzania) – FCPA • Member (Public Practice) of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors, Tanzania- • Diploma in Credit and Risk Management. • Currently undertaking the Executive MBA program with the Management College of South Africa • (MANCOSA).



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