increases fisheries and aquaculture productivity and related businesses and people to increase their wealth and more people to share fairly in that wealth. In the context of aquaculture, this means a growing competitive and profitable aquaculture industry which is seen as a good neighbor


Helps local communities to flourish, becoming stronger, safer places to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life. This means a sustainable and growing aquaculture industry, building and supporting communities


Helps people to sustain and improve their health, especially in disadvantaged communities, ensuring better, local and faster access to health care. This means the production and promotion of high-quality farmed fish and shellfish as part of a healthy nutritious diet


Improves the region’s natural and built environment and the sustainable use and enjoyment of it. This means minimizing the impact of aquaculture, ensuring it operates within the carrying capacity of the environment.


Expands opportunities for the region’s people to succeed from nurture through to life-long learning, ensuring higher and more widely shared achievements. This means maximizing the best use of technology and training for aquaculture.

Main success criteria for sustainable fish farming

Willing Hands is a company that focuses on design, financing and building of complete value chains within aquaculture and agribusiness industry in close partnership with local partners.