Welcome to Willing Hands training program

At Willing Hands, we’ve developed a comprehensive training and education program to ensure that all employees in our aquaculture facilities acquire sufficient expertise.

We believe in prioritizing people in everything we do. The first step toward achieving this is ensuring that they receive training in aquaculture before they can operate within our teams. Our aim is to equip them with all the necessary knowledge to perform their tasks to the best of their ability.

Willing Hands is dedicated to constructing sustainable aquaculture facilities that prioritize the environment, surroundings, and good working conditions. We believe in fostering a harmonious interaction between nature and the individuals who work within our business.

To become a part of our team, proficiency in English and mathematics is necessary. Therefore, we now offer access to these tests directly on our website. By clicking on the link provided, you’ll be able to take the tests and receive feedback on your results.

If you achieve satisfactory results, you’ll be notified that you are qualified as a candidate for further education when resources are required.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our team and having you be a part of our mission to operate sustainable aquaculture facilities with pride and integrity.

Team Aqua-Burundi